The most longlasting makeup ever🙀😻

Hellllo beautiful! 💁
I haven’t been posting much lately and I’m really sorry about that! But to make it up to you, I’ll share my routine for the most longlasting makeup for oily skin ever during the summmertime! i know what a name huh haha. This weekend I’ll be away on a ‘party’ which will last 3 whole days at least. So now here’s the problem: no showers, no big ass mirrors where i can put on makeup and stuff, no no no. But since I don’t like my bare face, I do some little tricks to make it last as long as possible and in a way that I can touch it up easily in 1 minute. Plus at the end of this step-by-step-routine, I’ll make you a list of must-have products when you’re going to such an event.

With all that said; let’s get started!

– First step
: wash your face, moisturize with sunscreen moisturizer, prime your face!
To wash my face, i don’t like to use harsh face washes. I mostly just use plain water with a little bit of hand-soap. I then follow that up with moisturizer. Mine has got sunscreen in it since it’s about 33degrees here and sunscreen is important if you have some blemishes on your skin or discoloration since it’ll prevent those ‘spots’ from getting darker and more noticeable. ( I use the The Body Shop seaweed mattifying moisture lotion spf15 ). As a last step I’m using a primer which will help to keep your makeup in place for hours and prevent oiliness/dryness depending on your skin type. (mine: Sephora prep&perfect pore and fine line filler)
– Second step: makeup&concealer
To get a flawless look without using heavy foundation which will probably fade after a least one day, i suggest using some waterproof concealer to conceal blemishes and redness first. ( i used the Artdeco Camouflage Cream, this is a waterproof full coverage concealer! ). After applying your concealer, you need to set it. Take a waterproof or waterresistant powder for best results. (I used the Catrice Prime&fine waterproof mattifying powder in transluscent). To prevent dry patches on your face, just put that powder ontop of your concealer instead of over your whole face.
Once that concealer is all set, just apply a bb or cc cream over that to even out your skin tone. Such a lightweight tinted cream won’t look cakey or dry after a day and won’t clog your pores as much as a regular foundation would. (i used the Garnier bb cream miracle skin perfector for combination/oily skin).
If you need to conceal any other things on your face, now it’s the time to do it.
Then set your whole face with your regular settingpowder. (I used the catrice all mat plus shine control powder) and apply some bronzer if you like. (the Body Shop Honey Bronze bronzing powder)
– Third step: eyebrows & eyemakeup!
Nope I cannot leave the house without eyebrows on so I needed to make them as bulletproof as possible! Just use smudgeproof, waterproof, preferably liquid or moussy textures which will set. For that I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade over my whole brow and then went over my browtail with my Makeup Forever Aqua Brow. I set my brows with my usual Kiko eyebrow designer brow gel. 
For eyes, I’d say just go easy on that. I used the Kiko Eyetech look eyeshadow in shade 103 which is a golden glittery shade. And then only waterproof mascara. (maybelline The rocket waterproof + Eyeko sport waterproof mascara)
And that’s basically it!
As a last step i just set my whole face with my Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray and I’m ready to go. 😻
Soooo and we’re done!😻😻
I can say that my makeup held up reaaaaallly well during the whole weekend, i just needed to touch up my brows omce and apply some powder here and there.
Now onto my must-haves:
tea tree oil! this little wonderoil can be used on basically everything from insect bites to pimples etc! It really is a great lifesaver.
dry shampoo! take dry shampoo with you to freshen up your hair when you cannot wash it. (Mine: Klorane Dry Shampoo with oat milk)
sunscreen! to hydrate your skin and prevent sunburns.
anti mosquito/bug spray/repellent! this will help you when you’re spending your time outside because bugs don’t like the smell of those sprays.
oil blotting papers! these will be nice even if you have dry skin, since you can get sweaty and oily under the sun and these will take that away and keep you looking nice and fresh.
tweezers! if you’re somewhere important you’ll always find a little brow hair or moustache hair which is soooooo not supposed to be there. And these will help you get rid of them.
shower lotion & deodorant! No matter where you are, you’ll usually find at least a little bit of water to wash your body. and deodorant is important if you don’t wanna sweat and stink.
concealer pen, just to conceal any blemishes which are popping up out of nothing!
– and some other important things many people forget: teethbrush, hairbrush, cotton swaps, eyedrops, phone charger, all purpose cleaning tissues, hair bands, hand sanitizer!
So yes, all i can additionally say now is just that i wish you a nice trip and a great time wherever you go!
I hope you enjoyed this and thank you for reading!
xx, nathi😘

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