How I grew my lashes longer and fuller

Hey lovelies, let’s talk lashes, shall we? I feel like, overall, 2019 is spreading the vibe of ‘enhancing natural beauty’ and this is why I want to share how I got my lashes to be longer and fuller so that I’m comfortable going out and taking pictures with only a touch of mascara! Being asian,Continue reading “How I grew my lashes longer and fuller”

Halloween Makeup: How to? Kit? What?

Heeelllo lovely!😍 It’s been a while since I updated my blog here but I’m quite busy at the moment so excuse that please😘 Anyway, if you want to stay updated daily, just dollow me on • Instagram : cathalie_makeup • facebook : Okay so that’s that🙌   Now what is today’s post about? Yea that’sContinue reading “Halloween Makeup: How to? Kit? What?”