How I grew my lashes longer and fuller

Hey lovelies, let’s talk lashes, shall we? I feel like, overall, 2019 is spreading the vibe of ‘enhancing natural beauty’ and this is why I want to share how I got my lashes to be longer and fuller so that I’m comfortable going out and taking pictures with only a touch of mascara! Being asian,Continue reading “How I grew my lashes longer and fuller”

How to: Perfect Base ♡ Perfected Face

  Hey there! ☺ I often get questions about how I do my base and why I use this and that and so many products, etc. So I was thinking why not do a blogpost about how to achieve a perfect base? Let’s hop right in:   Step 1: Starting with the skincare Taking really goodContinue reading “How to: Perfect Base ♡ Perfected Face”

Review: Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able foundation😻

Hellllo my beloved one💁 It’s monday again so why not light that up a little bit with a nice review?😏 Today I wanna talk you trough the (kind of new) Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able foundation! What I tested: beyond coverage? Long wearing? Oil control? Transferresistant? And many other things😄 So let’s just start with what MarcContinue reading “Review: Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able foundation😻”