Shade Sirch Beauty Box – Review

Hello, hello beautiful people!

It’s currently International Women’s Day and what better to celebrate that than to support the gooorgeous founder and girl boss of Shade Sirch: Loye Olatunbosun (@loyeloves on Instagram).

Let’s talk a bit about the brand and its background: Loye approached me to collaborate but her e-mail was not like any other e-mail; she told me that she loves her roots, beauty products and cosmetics and that her journey started a few years ago when it was difficult to discover local and minority brands and she had a deep desire to support these brands. After reading that first paragraph, I was sold. There is nothing better than to support other women, minorities and of course to bring you guys my thoughts on vegan products, as I know many of you pay very close attention to cruelty-free and vegan.

That being said, if you want to read more about the brand and their amazing concept:

Let’s talk about the actual box then.

The box, as any other beauty box, can be purchased as a subscription or a one-off box. But the thing I really like is that they also sell the products individually! (So let’s say you really fall in love with something from your one-off box; you can easily stock up on it through them which is great!) [pssst: if you use code cathalie10 at checkout you can enjoy 10% off your first box!]


So here’s the box and its content that arrived at my door around 2 days after talking to Loye so that is some fast shipping right there!

What’s inside:

  • Sakahari Laxmie Bath Bomb: you may know that I love that my flat has a bath tub and so pampering myself with a hot bath and a face mask happens at leats once a week! This bath bomb smells AMAZING (very fresh and lightly flowery) and the ingredients are simple and effective, handmade and vegan!
  • Eunique Beauty Pixie Dust Loose Pigment Gliss: I like to use this as a loose highlighter (because you know, sometimes you need that little extra bling!) BUT what will be amazing once summer comes around: mixing a bit of this with your body lotion and glow on! (shoulders, collar bones, legs, or anywhere you want it really!)
  • Nylah Strength & Shine Shampoo Cream: one word: YES. I’ve been sold on my Kiehl’s Amino Acid shampoo for over a year now, but this one kicked its ass. The texture/lathering is very unusual, because, as it says, it’s a cream. So there won’t be as many bubbles and foam as you might be used to but that also means that this won’t strip your hair from its natural oils as much! It contains P.H. 5.0 to rebalance your hair, and honestly my hair hasn’t felt this soft and clean in a long time. (No that is definitely not just because I’m definitely overusing dry shampoo!lool)
  • Lips & Things Bubblegum Lip Scrub & Moisturising Peppermint Lip Balm: what a combo. The lip scrub smells and tastes amazing (don’t eat too much tho because you’ll want to use it all!) What I like to do, because my lips tend to get quite dry over the winter, is while I’m applying my makeup, I put on a good amount of the lip balm and once I’m done with my makeup, I put on another layer of lip balm and then use the lip scrub, finish off with either lipstick or just a bit of lip balm and enjoy your suuper soft, plumped (because of the peppermint) lips!
  • Lookchic loose glitter: well, that’s an easy one; wet your flat brush (either with a drop of water or a spritz of setting spray) dip in and put onto your eyelid and be mesmerised by the beautiful, rich duo-chrome effect this leaves!
  • Latticia Whipped Shea Soufflé: if you’ve watched my story on Instagram (follow me if you don’t already) you’ll know that I suspected this to be stolen by my boyfriend and oh well, it’s his now! But I’ve used it a few times and this is like a magic potion for any dry areas you might have! I sometimes have some dry, textured skin on my cheeks (still have to figure out why) and this helped to smooth that down and hydrate it so that it was gone later! My boyfriend is really struggling with the hard UK water so he tends to get quite dry skin around his hairline and face in general and this has helped him sooo much! Love it! And sidenote: it smells heavenly.

Alright, that’s settled. I loved the whole box! If there’s any product now that you want to try, don’t forget that you can purchase them individually from Shade Sirch.

As for the boxes, they retail for: £33.99 (one-off box) / £31.99 (monthly)

[and don’t forget code: Cathalie10 for 10% off your first box!]

And that’s it from me! I hope you enjoyed reading and consider getting into cruelty-free, vegan and minority beauty brands!

Little disclaimer: even though this product was gifted, all opinions are my own. I would never lie to you guys, I appreciate you all way too much.

Let me know if you have any questions, concerns or just comments by either commenting below or contacting me via my Contact form!


xx nathi😘

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