My ‘PAUSE Experience’; at The Chapel in Horsham


Hey lovelies,

Let’s talk hair!

How hard is it to find a good hairdresser? I KNOW, ugh. Most of us are rightfully scared to go visit a new hairdressing salon, just because they do not know our hair like we do. However, I found that, as long as you choose a professional salon (you know, read reviews, look for pictures, etc do your research basically) you should be absolutely fine.

I was lucky enough to be invited by The Chapel in Horsham, their 5th salon in the UK, to get a fresh new hair cut and to update my hair colour.

Take a quick look inside and let me tell you a bit about their salon:

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I hope you can feel the vibe they want to give off; they’re aiming for a spa-like experience rather than a ‘normal’ haircut. The sofas, dimmed lighting in the relaxing room (where you wait for your colour to develop etc), different scented candles for different moods, ‘Hollywood’ lights around the mirrors (way more flattering than your usual hair dressing mirrors I promise), one mirror – one seat; there is no awkward eye contact with the person sitting next to you simply because there won’t be anyone next to you!

There are currently only 5 stylists working there and they do one-on-one styling which means that during your appointment you will be accompanied by your stylist, and they will only cater for you.

For me, it was Laura (with 18 years of experience!) who took care of my beloved hair.

If you want a colour appointment, you will have to pop in at least 48hours before your main appointment to do a skin patch test. Here they will apply a dot of colour behind your ear (you won’t see it though, don’t worry! haha) and this is just to assure that you won’t get an ugly surprise, e.g. an allergic reaction, after getting your hair done. In terms of products, they’re using mainly Redken.

Another thing that makes The Chapel stand out is that you pay per hour. This may sound scary (especially if you want to get your hair coloured), however I found that there is no real difference to salons with fixed prices. (Yes you can also tell them for example that you only have 1-2 hours and they will do what they can). The prices vary depending on the stylist you choose, they range from £60-£90 per hour.

Also, they don’t allow children under the age of 12 in there, which adds to the relaxing atmosphere.

Now let’s talk about my personal experience:

I’ve been asked to bring my haircare and hair styling products along with a mood-board (use pictures of whatever you want; it can be leaves, selfies, horizons, your favourite shirt, etc) of what I think I want to do with my  hair; this really helps your stylist to get an idea of you as a person and makes it easier for them to figure out what you’d like.

Personally I was unsure as to what I wanted; I’ve been thinking about a change but didn’t know (or didn’t have the balls, who knows) what or how or when.

While talking to Laura, in comfy sofas and accompanied by tea and chocolates, I noticed how she really tried to understand me and knew what I wanted before I did.

Hair colours are tricky but the people at The Chapel have introduced me to a neat little trick; if you’re unsure about whether you want a bright colour or not (or if you don’t know if it’d really suit you) just take a metallic silver piece of fabric and a metallic gold one. (yes they had them idk how you could replicate that but be creative, maybe visit your hairdresser and ask or just visit a fabric store!) Now, if you hold those against you, pay close attention to what they do to your skin tone and eye colour. If the silver makes you look good; congrats you can get some bright colours up in there! If the gold makes you look good; it’d be advisable to stay with more toned down colours. (Some people are even lucky enough to pull off both, jelly!) For me, the silver looked AWFUL hence why I couldn’t go for a bright colour. (Honestly didn’t even want a bright one so ya but it was a fun experiment!)

I went in thinking I want a dark, greyish lavender (the instafam voted – everyone loved it including me!) but as my hair is naturally black and my hair colour at that time was quite warm and orange-y, that colour was not really doable without completely destroying my hair. So Laura suggested lightening my ends and putting a violet red gloss over my whole head; and I loved it! It’s not too ‘in-your-face’ yet quite cheeky (in my opinion) and that was exactly what I wanted.

Next thing was: I wanted a fringe! But I didn’t know if it’d suit me; so I asked Laura! (you know you can always ask your hairdresser literally anything!). She consulted me to a ‘gringe’ (growing fringe), which is absolutely perfect.


A cut, colour, wash, head massage, blow-dry and styling later; I was done! I was so relaxed (I honestly almost fell asleep later on the bus haha), as the salon is just so chill and the team is very lovely.

I’d 100% recommend, if you can, to visit one of their salons (they’re also called The Chapel because they choose the most amazing buildings; chapels, victorian pubs, old school houses, etc.) (you can also just get a tour, without having to book an appointment or anything!) and transform them into a luxurious, yet comfy, hair salon which allows you to lay back and actually enjoy your hair styling!


And that’s it. Thank you for reading!

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xx nathi😘








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