How I grew my lashes longer and fuller

Hey lovelies,

let’s talk lashes, shall we? I feel like, overall, 2019 is spreading the vibe of ‘enhancing natural beauty’ and this is why I want to share how I got my lashes to be longer and fuller so that I’m comfortable going out and taking pictures with only a touch of mascara!

Being asian, my lashes are naturally quite short and stick straight so I used to never leave the house without falsies. I looked into many ‘magic’ products to grow them (and ended up trying iGlow but mweh), but I found that sometimes natural is the way to go and here, natural is *drumroll*: BABY OIL! – cheap and effective! (I use Johnson’s Baby Oil with Aloe Vera, £5.85 on Amazon!)

yup that’s basically it.

Here’s the deal: because of the way my lashes are, I only use waterproof mascaras, otherwise they will not hold a curl during the day (L’Oréal Lash Paradise Extactic Waterproof and Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof are my current ride-or-die’s). However, waterproof mascaras (if they’re real good) can be a pain to take off; so, I tried taking them off with baby oil (on a cotton pad) and what do you know, it works like a charm! There’s less rubbing involved for me and because it’s baby oil, it’s very gentle.

I unfortunately cannot tell you exactly how it works but ever since I started using baby oil to remove my mascara my lashes have grown significantly and they became a lot stronger! I’m guessing it’s because I’m less harsh on them and there’s always a bit of residue that I just leave on to go to bed, which I guess conditions my lashes (and softens my skin, yay!)

Here’s a ‘before and after’ (when I started doing this, I didn’t realise that it was a game changer so I didn’t really take a before picture, I’m sorry:( but almost every photo on my Instagram lately is me with only mascara!)

On the left (pink, 2018) I’m only wearing one single coat of mascara. On the right (red, 2017) I put on several coats. Do you notice a difference? Because I sure do!

I am now practically always leaving the house with minimal makeup and one single coat of mascara and I feel great so I hope this works for you too!

And that’s it from me; short and sweet today! Let me know if you have any questions, concerns or just comments by either commenting below or contacting me via my Contact form!


xx nathi😘

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