Hair care routine ♡ How to get shiny, healthy hair!

Hey there! ☺

After a kinda long break I’m back today with a requested post; my hair care routine.
So let’s jump right in:

First off; what is my hair type?

This is important because different hair types require different hair treatments.
My hair is naturally a mix between dark brown and black. I used to dye it quite often but stopped because it damaged my hair too much, even though I got it dyed with Olaplex which is apparently the least damaging hairdye.
So after letting my hair grow out and cutting the dye off, I let my hair grow and it is now the healthiest and shiniest it has ever been!
I don’t have really straight or curly hair; I only have quite straight hair with a little bit of texture in it.
So I almost don’t have any split ends and I haven’t cut my hair since November 2015 so that makes it about 8 to 9 months which is quite great I think.
I don’t heat-style my hair on a regular basis. I only curl it when I’m feeling extra fancy but that happens about once every other month max. I also let it air dry.

Secondly; onto the actual hair care!

  1. Washing your hair


I only wash my hair about once to twice a week.
Why is that?
My hair used to get oily like sooo quickly! I used to wash my hair every single day because when I washed it in the morning, it was greasy in the evening already. But washing your hair every day is super damaging to your hair follicles and to your scalp because it dries it out and causes your hair to get even greasier.
So how did I get my hair to last about a week without washing it?
I took the opportunity and used my summer break (2 months) to get my hair used to that. I washed it by then once a week and for the rest I used dry shampoo or just put my hair into braids, a bun or a ponytail.
So this is what I use when I wash my hair:
I absolutely love this shampoo. It has a really nice and fresh citrus smell but nothing too overpowering.
I put this onto my scalp and massage it in, leave it on for a minute and then rinse it out.
I follow that up with a mask, the Garnier Fructis Oil Repair 3. This is a great drugstore mask! It smells soo wonderful and that smell will stay in your hair for about 2-3 days so whenever you shake your hair be ready to have the best smelling hair ever! It nourishes fabulously and makes the hair smooth, shiny and easy to brush. And to be honest I really think that this actually repairs the ends.

        2.  After having freshly washed hair

Don’t brush your hair when it’s wet, unless you have super curly hair and don’t wanna look like a poodle, because wet hair is more likely to break and that way you could damage your hair even more!
I use the Klorane Crème de jour sans rinçage  in my damp hair. This helps your hair to become stronger and healthier, not necessarily shinier. Plus this will make it easier to brush your hair and will act like a barrier if you want to heat-style your hair. You can put this from about your ears down to your ends.
Afterwards, when my hair is (almost) dry, I grab my John Frieda Frizz Ease Nourishing Oil Elixir. This will make your hair super shiny, smooth and healthy looking. It is by far my favorite hair oil from all those I used. Only put it into your ends.
P.S.: when using hair oils or hair creams use a nut-sized amount like an almond size because you don’t want to put too much product into your ends.


             3.  Once your hair is dry

When your hair is dry, you can either leave it like that or use something to help your brush to get trough it.

I love the Gliss Kur Total Repair Spülung because this makes my hair even smoother and easy to brush, always. Plus it smells really nice!

        4.  For now and then when your hair needs a little pick-me-up

Often, once you reach day 4 or so, your hair can start looking dull at the ends. You should then not put too much into it because then it can become greasier again.
So I use a really lightweight oil to help my ends look shiny again:
The Garnier Oil Repair 3 Wonder Oil Spray this is seriously the most lightweight but effective oil I have ever used! It sprays oil like a deodorant so you only get a really small amount and this helps you to not over-oil your hair.


          5.   The brush you use is also important!

I actually never paid any attention to the brush I was using until I got one which is especially for long hair.
A good brush will help you tame those fly-aways, will smooth your hair out and will not damage it.
I totally recommend a boar bristle brush or even the very hyped tangle teezer should also be ok.


         6.   For when your hair gets too oily: Dry Shampoo!

Dry Shampoo is the real MVP trust me! This is so handy if your hair is a little oily but you don’t wanna wash it yet.
I love the Batiste Dry Shampoo this makes my hair really pretty and voluminous. Spray it onto your roots and massage it in, let it soak in and finally brush it out and voilà!


As always, if you have any further questions or if you want to have any further informations, don’t hesitate to contact me, I’m always happy to help 🙂

xx nathi😘


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