DIY Highlighter 2 ways! (cream & powder) (super easy!)

Hello my loves😘,

and welcome to a DIY (Do it yourself) that many of you wanted to see when I asked on Snapchat👻 (add me: nathhaliiee9).

This is a cheap and great alternative for when you just don’t see why you should spend so much money on that Becca or Anastasia highlighter, all you need is:

1. For the powder highlighter (pressed):

– a container

– some old eyeshadows, pigments, highlighters you already own

– alcohol (use something that has at least 70%vol.; I used a perfume sample which had 80%vol. – but no worries; the alcohol will go away once your highlighter has dried.

– a spatula

– tissues

– something to press down the powder

2. For the cream highlighter:

– a container

– some old eyeshadows, pigments, highlighters you already own

– moisturizer

– a spatula 


Let’s start with the pressed powder highlighter shall we?


  1. scratch some eyeshadows so that you have some kind of pigment; put that into a container. Always keep in mind: the more you add of one color, the more that one will show up!
  2. Add a few drops of alcohol to your well mixed mixture of pigments. Go little by little because you want this to become a sort of dry paste, not a wet mix. So; add a few drops, stir and mix, and add some more if you need to, etc.
  3. With your spatula, press down the pigments which are bonded because of the alcohol, it’s easy to form them and to press them in the container. Make more paste, if your container is not full yet – which it probably won’t be because the pigments kind of shrink during the treatment with the alcohol so keep that in mind.
  4. Now grab a piece of tissue and something that’s about the size of your container and place the tissue over your new highlighter and press down with the thingy. This will allow your pigments to stick to each other even nicer (ever wondered why it’s called ‘pressed’ powder?)
  5. Now your highlighter is ready to let dry! Let the container open and let dry for about 12 hours. You can already check how beautiful your new highlighter looks with swatches, but I would not recommend using it on the face immediately.
  6. Extra: if you want to make a cute pattern into your highlighter, like I did, just grab a thing that’s the way you want your pattern to look and press that down onto the tissue which lays over the highlighter. Press gently! and tadaaa!

And this is how you do the cream highlight (even easier!):

  1. Get your container
  2. Add the combination of pigments into the container, mix so that there are almost no clumps
  3. Add moisturizer little by little, until it’s the consistency that you want it to be
  4. And you’re done! Super easy right?

Oh wow, that was quick right?

Now if you’re still wondering why this is so great;
> pale and really dark skinned people will love this because often the highlighters they find are either too dark or too light.
> you should have all those things at home, so no costs! (if not; just go buy a cheap drugstore palette or so and done)
> it’s a great way to make the color of highlighter YOU want! You’ll never have to be like; oh no that’s too golden, oh no too white, etc.
> they are really fun, quick and easyyyy to make.
I hope you enjoyed this little DIY, and let me know if you want more of those or not.
As always, if you have any further questions or if you want to have any further informations, don’t hesitate to contact me, I’m always happy to help 🙂


xx nathi😘




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