Shade Sirch Beauty Box – Review

It’s currently International Women’s Day and what better to celebrate that than to support the gooorgeous founder and girl boss of Shade Sirch: Loye Olatunbosun (@loyeloves on Instagram).

Let’s talk a bit about the brand and its background: Loye approached me to collaborate but her e-mail was not like any other e-mail; she told me that she loves her roots, beauty products and cosmetics and that her journey started a few years ago when it was difficult to discover local and minority brands and she had a deep desire to support these brands. After reading that first paragraph, I was sold. There is nothing better than to support other women, minorities and of course to bring you guys my thoughts on vegan products, as I know many of you pay very close attention to cruelty-free and vegan.

How I grew my lashes longer and fuller

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My ‘PAUSE Experience’; at The Chapel in Horsham

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