5 ways to get rid of pimples fast! SOS | Beauty101 | Episode2

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And welcome back to my weekly series: Beauty 101 at episode 2!
Today I’m here to talk about the one thing we all hate: pimples.
It’s like they just pop up out of nowhere when we have somewhere important to go, be it a date, an event, etc. (Pimples are not acne: here I’m talking about those lonely pimples that suddenly pop up)
The main problem is that as soon as we see them, we tend to pick on them and that’s actually the worst thing we can do. They won’t go away that way and you risk to let them pop to the inside and end up with a bump that’s even more noticeable.
But enough about that: let’s talk about how to get rid of them!
Now these are remedies that have helped me, but I don’t assure you that they will also work for you because we all have different skin types.

Let’s go:


this is the best thing ever! I discovered it because Desi Perkins and Kylie Jenner were raving about it on their Snapchat. While I don’t trust Kylie’s opinion completely, I do trust Desi 100% and I gave in into buying this.
You are not allowed to shake this bottle, the pink grains have to be on the bottom and the liquid on top of them. You will dip a little cotton swab into the bottle until you reach the pink part, take the cotton swab out again and apply it onto your pimple.
I always use this in the evening to leave it on overnight. AND THE NEXT MORNING IT’S EITHER GONE or so small that you can easily cover it up or dress it up as a beauty mark (just put a dab of dark brown eyeshadow on it)
this is a bio, natural and cheap! You can either only apply it with a cotton swab onto your breakout or you mix it with water and apply it as a toner over your whole face.
This won’t let the pimple go away overnight but will still shrink it a lot in size, because of its drying properties.
If you decide to use this as a toner for your face, remember to always moisturize well afterwards.
Since it’s an oil you can also mix this into your moisturizer. Easy and effective!
(p.s.: if you have oily skin, this will also help you keep them oils at bay!)
  • Home remedy: Garlic


Take a clove of garlic and make some cuts in it to extract some of the juice, then rub that clove on your pimple and done! Don’t wash it off after, you can leave it on overnight.
This method should flatten your pimple, shrink its size or even make it go away!
This works wonders with whiteheads.
If you don’t have an Aloe plant at home, just buy the gel. It’s usually just a few bucks but it works wonders for your skin.
Not only can it shrink and make your pimples disappear, it can also help you fade skin marks, scars, freckles and soothe any minor burns, including sun burns.
You can either put a little bit of the gel onto your pimple or just apply it all over your face, before you put your moisturizer on.
You have the possibility to put this on before you do your makeup; that way it will help you staying more matte throughout the day and will fight against your pimple!


  • Long term solutions: the right skincare and diet
The best thing to do against pimples is eating less fatty and caring for your skin.
By regularly exfoliating your skin, applying masks, moisturizing and always removing all your makeup, you can do your skin a real favor which you will get back by your skin becoming clearer.
As I said you can mix your tea tree oil into your moisturizer or use it as a toner. Same goes for aloe vera gel which u can apply onto your skin before your moisturizer.
If you’re shopping for skincare, check The Body Shop’s Tea Tree skincare range out, I absolutely love it!
Another thing is The Bioderma Sebium Global or the Pore Refiner. These have been my favorites for years now and I still go back to them every time. They’re great: lightweight texture and can be used at any time and will help your skin clear up.
Even though this will help you get less pimples, there’s always a probability that sometimes one or two can pop up out of nowhere. There’s no wonder cure for pimples.

Aaaand that’s it!

Thank you guys for reading and don’t hesitate to suggest some topics I could use to continue this series Beauty101.
These will always be short and straight-forward.
Hope you enjoyed!
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