Makeup Shopping Guide | BEAUTY 101 | EPISODE4

Hey sweetie! I often get the question where I buy my makeup, because let’s be real here, Luxembourg ain’t the best place to shop. So let me list real quick where you can get certain brands here and then we’re gonna hop on to online shopping. Let’s go! 1. Laura Mercier, Zoeva, Bobbi Brown: CosmeticaryContinue reading “Makeup Shopping Guide | BEAUTY 101 | EPISODE4”

Travel essentials 🌴 | Beauty 101 | Episode3

Hey guys! I’ll be travelling to Brighton this holiday week and thought I’d share with you: my travel essentials! I always try to take a minimum of products with me (but if you know me, you know that I don’t have any self-control…haha) But here is a list of what I always have to haveContinue reading “Travel essentials 🌴 | Beauty 101 | Episode3”

5 ways to get rid of pimples fast! SOS | Beauty101 | Episode2

Hey loves!😘 And welcome back to my weekly series: Beauty 101 at episode 2! Today I’m here to talk about the one thing we all hate: pimples. It’s like they just pop up out of nowhere when we have somewhere important to go, be it a date, an event, etc. (Pimples are not acne: hereContinue reading “5 ways to get rid of pimples fast! SOS | Beauty101 | Episode2”