(probably) Favorite Fall-Makeup😻

Hey prettyyyy😏, So it’s officially fall here in Luxembourg (Europe). And that means; all my next looks will be classic fall makeups. This means; darker colors!! Red-shades, brown-shades, and so on. You get my point don’t you😊 So, to immediately switch up the classic dark-red lips with the brownish-red eyelook, i wanted to try someContinue reading “(probably) Favorite Fall-Makeup😻”

Graphic Liner 😌

Hello beautiful, Today I wanna share with you a look that includes a blue liner and a black liner.  As summer’s almost over (sigh…) I wanted to do a last summer look before going all in with my fall palettes🙈 This is a really easy and quick look, but it is on a high impressive-levelContinue reading “Graphic Liner 😌”

Smokey eyes and contouring😻

Hey there pretty thing😻 Let’s talk about smokey eyes right before we start with the products! A smokey eye can be created with every shade, but the classic one is black. But you can without a doubt create one with blue shades, pink shades, green shades whatever you want BUT, be careful because a smokeyContinue reading “Smokey eyes and contouring😻”